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You can rest assured to buy customized Creative Semi-auto Soft Ring Binder from us.  Semi-auto soft ring binder is a machine used to bind pages together with a flexible plastic ring, also known as a soft ring. Semi-auto soft ring binding machine is popular to make notebook and exercise book. 

Semi-auto soft ring binder is a applied for soft ring made into a soft ring exercise books. Soft Ring Binder Machine for Exercise book is up to 800 books/hour.  After the book is bound, exercise book will be automatically dropped to the belt, and the book will be collected automatically. The operator only needs to load the books by manual.

This machine is widely used for binding notebooks, exercise books, sketch books and other loose-leaf books. It can automatically weld, automatically close, automatically drop books, and automatically collect books. It is ideal for high-speed binding machine.

According to different uses, it can be divided into industrial binding machines which are often used in printing and stationary factories.

Semi-auto Soft Ring Binder Machine for Exercise book is a good choice for binding notebooks ,exercise books and sketch book. It’s applied widely for the many series products from A7 size notebook to special design notebooks.
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